Weekend Behavior

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The VAG Fair does not (and has never) condone nor encourage disorderly behaviors of individuals who choose to cause problems on the streets and at the local hotels and businesses.


In conversation between local police departments and the VAG Fair staff, it was determined that some locals, “outsiders not interested in the show”, and MOST unfortunately *some* show attendees who choose to come to party, burn out, cause problems for hotels, the show itself, the general public, or the police will be responded to in the following way:


Please read and re-read the following statements and consider yourselves warned.


Maine 2017

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Couldn’t make it to Vacationland VAG Fair 2017?  Come to the York event!


Photos from Maine will be posted soon.  Until then, please check Instagram! #vagfairMaine #MainesFinest for photos!


We still have some shirts left over, which we will sell in August at the show.

NGP Racing Performance & Style Award

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The NGP Performance and Style Award will recognize one vehicle that epitomizes what NGP stands for: Going fast and looking good while doing so. We will select one vehicle from the show field that we feel fits this description to be honored with a one-of-a-kind trophy fabricated in-house at NGP. Think you have what it takes? We will see you at the show!

[email protected]



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Have a VW/Audi/Porsche that has what it takes to compete with the best of the best?

The Madness on the Midway in the center of the show is ONLY for amazing vehicles with way more hours in them than just air-suspension and plaid headliner installations.

We’re talking over-the-top bodywork, bonkers engine work, gorgeous interiors, unbelievably clean chassis, subtle and not-so-subtle modifications, et. al.

Cars with dents, orangepeel, foggy headlights, broken bodykits, chipped paint, dirty carpets, cigarette burns, brake dust, and only a couple modifications NEED NOT APPLY.

You can win some money!!!

Submit your vehicle’s details and pictures and your contact info to Cory Sterling ASAP!


Judges & Parkers Needed

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We need judges and parkers on Sunday!

If you put in your time to judge or park, you’ll receive compensation by Cory himself upon completion of duties.  Judges will be called over the P-A system.