Big News for 2015

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The York show will return in 2015!  Nothing really has changed. Just come have a great time.  Read the FAQ.  Dates to follow.

In the mean time, get ready for our other show located upta coast in Maine!  That’s right!  The promoters of VAG Fair are proud to present The Vacationland VAG Fair!  Watch this site as we get our sh** together to explain it all!


More Big News

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Besides the excitement being generated for the Maine version of VAG Fair, we are incredibly pleased to announce that Volkswagen of America will be attending VAG Fair August 8 and 9, 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Attention Instagrammers!

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Instagram users unite!

Before, during, and after the show, hashtag #VAGFAIR!  Who knows…if your profile is set to public, your photos might show up automagically on the front page of!

Hashtag #VAGFAIRinstagramlogo

2014 Thank You!

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“What a year it has been. If you all didn’t already know, I moved to Maine. It was a challange being so far away. However another very successful year has been had with this year’s VAG Fair. Not to mention the growth of another great event in the planning stages in Maine next year in June!!!

This wouldn’t have even been possible without the support of my friends and the Euro-style community.  Kudos to you all for the continued support. And may the coming years be just as great if not even better. It’s so nice to see all the cars the hard work you put into them and the chill landed back vibe you bring to York, PA!

Let’s continue this to the coast of Brunswick, Maine. We will still be doing the VAG Fair in Pa, so don’t worry. We just want to bring the vibe to the north and have the ability to share the experience with the New England states, where I reside.

Please pass the word and check the site for updates. Thanks again for a great year and here’s to many more!!!”

-Cory Sterling