[Saturday 9 August] Big-ass Cruise-in vs. Evening GTG

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VAG Fair is a two-day event.  The judged show is on Sunday; however, on Saturday, starting at 10:30 a.m. is the Big-ass Cruise-in at the York Fairgrounds.  All types of vehicles are welcome through the gate.  Make sure to have $5 per person in your vehicle to get in.  Vendors will be selling their wares.

Then in the evening…

Holiday Inn “Holidome” is allowing us to have a big GTG in their parking lot on SATURDAY from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with food and drinks.  Come show off your cars and hangout with your friends in a safe, car-friendly environment.   We will be selecting cars for a special class for Sunday’s show.  Beer pong games on hand possibly.

Holiday Inn West York
2000 Loucks Road
York, PA 17408

[Sunday 10 August] VAG Fair – Main Show

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Sunday is the main event beginning at 10 a.m. for show cars and spectators!  Compete for trophies!  Hang out with your friends!  Bring sunscreen!

Vendors will be selling everything from chip-tunes to T-shirts!  There’s a swap-meet as well.

The registration booth and show shirts are available at the foot of the main stage.  If you pre-registered, please bring your receipt/evidence that you paid, and we will check our records.  Please pick up your shirts too!

Food this year includes pizza, fries, ice cream, hot sandwiches, chicken strips, orangeade, lemonade, and more!

$20 per show car with driver.
$10 per passenger/spectator. Kids under 13 are free.

For any other details, please check the FAQ!


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Have a Euro car that has what it takes to compete with the best of the best?

We’re talking over-the-top bodywork, engine work, gorgeous interiors, clean chassis, subtle and not-so-subtle modifications, et. al.

You can win some money!!!
You also win a spot in the Top Dawg competition at H2Oi!!!

Submit your vehicle’s details and pictures and your contact info to Cory Sterling ASAP!

Our current competitors:

Thank You!

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“Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support a great event. It is only great because of you all. Pat yourselves on the back. You did it again. Not me– I just supply you with the venue.

I am so humbled by the experience I have gotten from you all. You make it worth it all. I have really taken a step back from the scene and have looked deep inside to see what it is worth to me. I know that I only do this because I enjoy looking around at the cars and seeing what you guys and gals have done to them to make them your own.

I walked the field and judged some classes, and everyone was so inviting to show me their cars and talk with me and thank me for what We have created. For that I thank you all.

I say we need to “SAVE THE SCENE”. Take a moment and reflect on what is important to you as an attendee and let me know. I want this show and many others to be a great success. Help us help you. Police your friends if they make decisions you think will affect the show’s ability to continue in the future. Lets keep the vibe going. Thanks again to everyone!!!”

-Cory Sterling

Attention Instagrammers!

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Instagram users unite!

Before, during, and after the show, hashtag #VAGFAIR!  Who knows…if your profile is set to public, your photos might show up automagically on the front page of VAGFair.com!

Hashtag #VAGFAIRinstagramlogo